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Pot magnet is one of the most efficient designs for gripping and holding. It consists of permanent magnet  enclosed in a metal “pot”, while the active magnet face is not enclosed. 
Pot magnet, is widely used in our daily life and industry, such as
Positioning jigs, Work holding fixtures ,Catches and latches ,Insert into jigs and fixtures for holdingetc. 

The arrangement of Pot Magnets gives many advantages:

        Small but strong.
        Magnetic on one side, leaving the other sides free from magnetism.
        Won’t chip or crack with constant impacting onto a steel surface.
        Concentration of flux in the mild steel possibly twice that of the magnet
     proper, creating increased gripping power

Choosing pot magnets made by HegaoMagtech. You will enjoy

l        Tailored to our client’s business and needs;

l        100% guarantee the magnetic force;

l        Perfect assembly between magnets and steel parts

l        Available mold tooling for huge kinds of pot magnets


For more information please contact:

Ningbo Hegao Magnetic Technology Ltd.

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Fax:          0086-574-87912288


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