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The price trend of raw material by June 2012. 2012/6/26
The price trend of raw material by Jun 2012. 2012/6/4
Encoder IC from Renishaw 2009/7/27
austriamicrosystems Introduces 14-Bit Magnetic Rotary Encoder IC with Best-in-Class Device Protectio... 2009/7/1
Vishay''''s New Throttle Position Sensor Features Hall Effect Technology for Applications in Harsh E... 2009/6/21
New Family of Linear Voice Coil Actuators Feature Patented Magnetic Technology, Providing High Safet... 2009/5/24
Magnetism Governs Properties of Iron-Based Superconductors 2009/5/13
Argonne Scientists Pinpoint Mechanism to Increase Magnetic Response of Ferromagnetic Semiconductor u... 2009/3/16
New Control of Nanoscale ''Magnetic Tornadoes'' Holds Promise for Data Storage 2009/3/2
Cal U''s Maglev Fits Stimulus Plan Criteria 2009/2/18
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